I am a journalist and storyteller specializing in non-fiction narratives. Currently, I write feature news stories on a freelance basis. I also edit and consult as time permits.

I have diverse experience in the fields of journalism and communications. As a city desk reporter, I’ve covered local government, police and fire beats. I love working the city desk; it’s the heart and soul of a city and the best way to plunge into a new community. I love making the connections between abstract issues like elections, laws and taxes with the audiences’ personal lives.

I’ve also written features on fascinating people such as a teen who was trying to leave a gang,  an entrepreneur using new methods to return farmland to productivity, a family struggling with aging parents, and a nurse who found herself accidentally in the middle of one of the most iconic uprisings in recent history.  I enjoy combining words, images, and sounds to make stories come alive.

I am a “Chicagoland” native currently located near both the western suburbs and the Rockford area. I graduated with a BA in English and an MS in broadcast journalism. Along with my work as a reporter, I’ve taught journalism, mass communication, public speaking and developmental writing courses. I’m accepting writing and editing work, as well as consulting work for speeches and presentations. Please contact me if you would like to collaborate on a project.