If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.

Rudyard Kipling


DeKalb Band Marches Through Streets of Dublin on St. Pat’s Day | Daily Chronicle Two years of planning brings high school students, and funk, into the spotlight in Dublin.

DHS A Cappella Group Earns Second Place Internationally | Daily Chronicle Group also earns Outstanding Choreography award and senior Grace Klonoski is named best vocalist.

Local Reporter Witnesses Gacy Execution | Rochelle News-Leader Jeff Leon was selected in a press lottery to report on the execution of former Rochelle resident and serial-killer John Wayne Gacy.

Boys Fall Through Ice in Spring Lake | Rochelle News-Leader

Enharmonic Fusion Prepares for National Competition | Daily Chronicle

Field Artillery Unit Bids Farewell to Captain | Daily Chronicle

Lisle Leaps into Recycling & Some Gifts are too Much | Lisle SUN

Battle Over; Lisle Loses | Lisle SUN

Fire Department Expands Tollway Service | Rochelle News-Leader

Sycamore Seeks Permanent Location to Display Fire Truck | Daily Chronicle

Moonlight Madness Kicks-off Holiday Season in Sycamore | Daily Chronicle


Principal Hopes to Steer Kids on Better Path | InVironments-Rochelle Billy Hueramo almost joined a gang as a teen. Today, he offers hope and an alternate path for his students.

Paying it Forward in Pennies | InVironments-Rochelle Michael Hayes had the idea of paying for college with other people’s spare pennies 30 years ago. It went viral. Today, as his son is preparing for college, Hayes hopes to pay back his good fortune by paying it forward for others.

MightyVine Brings Year-Round Tomatoes to Illinois | InVironments-Rochelle It may be 40 degrees and blustery, but the tomatoes growing in a glasshouse in Rochelle think they are in paradise.

Lightner Runs Two Marathons in Two Days | InVironments-Rochelle When Sandy Lightner signed up for her first 5K, she wasn’t exactly sure what it was. Now she is preparing to run two marathons, back-to-back.

LULAC Works to Build Bridges in Community | InVironments-Rochelle When Rochelle was hit by a tornado, many residents had to turn to Univision in Chicago for news. Community members realized it was time to build a bridge between the two communities in one town.

Parish Nurse Serves at Home and Abroad | InVironments-Rochelle

When Mother Moves In | Lisle SUN

DeKalb Madrigals Bring Past To Life at Annual Dinner | Daily Chronicle

Rochelle Man Encourages Education in Togo | InVironments-Rochelle

Wedding Expo draws future spouses | Daily Chronicle